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Lakou Lape is a community of people seeking to build peace in Haiti. We believe that peace building begins at the individual level in order to transform one’s community and Haiti as a whole. LKLP creates space and the tools for individuals and communities to engage in new and different ways through workshops/ trainings on conflict transformation to facilitated dialogues amongst people from very different walks of life.
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Lakou Lape is building a more peaceful Haiti by transforming violence and conflict starting from the individual, to communities, and to Haitian society as a whole.

Lakou Lape envisions a peaceful and prosperous Haiti through the forging and deepening of human relationships across deep cleavages to collectively build a society that is more inclusive, equitable and just.

Why are we called Lakou Lape?

Lakou Lape remembers and honors histories of the traditional lakou and respectfully brings together (ransanble) Haiti’s children as family in the lakou in order to dream and collectively construct a peaceful and just Haiti.

LKLP’s as a lakou/family respects the individual and values individual transformation as crucial to the process of peacebuilding. Individuals build peaceful communities, which then build a more peaceful society.


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