Fabrice Burr-Reynaud

Board Member

Born in Port au Prince Haiti, Burr-Reynaud studied in Port au Prince Haïti at Canado Haitian Congregation. He began studying at the State University in Law and then shifted to civil engineering. He is a businessman, and owned Maison Burr-Reynaud in downtown Port-au-Prince which was sadly destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. He is currently the CEO of Fast Building Concept, a Haitian construction company, and Vice-President of ActiS-Serv, a Montreal-based Canadian trading company. He has been a member of the LKLP board since 2016, and is also a board member of Healing Hands Haiti.

“I always think that dialogues for peace are the key to bringing enemies to trust each other. It is for this reason I joined LKLP.”

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