Lakou Lapè is working with groups in the neighborhoods of Nan Cocteau, Martissant and Saint Martin / Bel Air. In addition we are training new facilitators to help with our programs and are building a training program that focuses on youth groups.

Lakou Lapè's strategy is to prepare and seek to empower local groups to take responsibility for conflict transformation in their neighborhoods. Lakou Lapè will multiply its outreach through these groups and serve as a hub for training, meetings and the dissemination of information while still delivering dialogues and mediation services as needed. To that effect it promotes the development of an independent facilitator group, the Institut pour la Recherche et l'Action pour la Paix (IRAP) which specializes in dialogue facilitation, mediation and negotiation. It also prepares and delivers dialogue processes.

Our Mission

  • come to know each other,
  • rise above negative judgments,
  • transform individuals,
  • unite different sectors,
  • strengthen community movements and facilitate social integration,
  • reinforce resilient communities,
  • harmonize society,
  • transform perceptions,
  • build peace.

We do this by:

  • dialogue and restorative practices
  • partnerships, including economic development partnerships
  • training
  • engaging all levels and sectors of society
  • focusing on:
    • human rights
    • sustainability
    • autonomy
    • independence
    • responsibility
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By summer of 2016, Lakou Lape will be fulfilling its mission with an excellent track record, working as a mediator between deeply entrenched and antagonistic opponents in several communities in Haiti. In addition, our impact will also be evident in the economic growth that will follow in the wake of violence reduction.

Our success will result in public recognition by the nation, leading governmental and local leaders to ask for our services. These successes will also lead to the beginning of a shift of perception in wider Haitian society transforming negative stereotypes and placing the communities we serve in a more positive light.

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Lakou Lape is both proactive and responsive in its work as it tackles existing violent conflicts as well as contributes to preventing the emergence or escalation of others.

Our programmatic interventions are based on values of:

  • Inclusiveness,
  • Practical Effectiveness,
  • Knowledge,
  • Leadership,
  • Flexibility and Creativity,
  • Openness,
  • Tolerance,
  • Impartiality,
  • Communication.
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Lakou Lapè is composed of multi-sector actors who have experienced and helped deliver the peace processes enacted in Haiti By Concern Worldwide and the Glencree Center for Peace and Reconciliation from 2006 to 2012.

These processes were successful in rebuilding relationships of trust and collaboration between previously antagonistic communities in Saint Martin and Martissant as well as across the social divide between grass roots communities and members of the Business Class, commonly called Private Sector. Lakou Lapè is now overseeing a similar effort in the neighborhood of Nan Cocteau, Carrefour.